Our story

We are in that boundary land between Liguria and Piedmont commonly known as “Alto Monferrato”, specifically in the territories of Ovada, which is the area’s main town. This land has been once owned by the Palaeologus-Montferrat marquises, then to Genoese families of Doria and Malaspina, and finally to Savoy royal family. Vine colture has ancient origins as well, as ancient as the first marquis of Montferrat, Aleramo, believed to be the founder of the region.
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The manor, run by the Odicini family, has ancient roots, as testimonied by a bottle dated 1869. Our passion for the land is a strong feeling that bring together elder generations’ ambitions to the one of Roberto, that has been able to pass to his wife Renata and his sons Stefano and Niccolò. Vallescura vineyards, in Lerma municipality, are renowned for their vocational nature, their microclimates and land, that together give delicate characteristics, round and fruitful taste and fresh and intense bouquet to the wine. Origin point of Vallescura is Casanella manor, whose 6 ectars spread, fan-shaped, around the ancient winery. The work in the vineyard is sustained by advanced cellar technology. There the selections made during harvest evolves in wines capable of evoking continuous and various emotions.FOTO 14



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